What Can Bent Birch Property Management Do for You?

Here’s what Bent Birch Property Management can offer property owners.

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As you may know, Bent Birch Property Management is a subsidiary of Madden Real Estate, and today we’ll share a few details about this company and how it can assist you.  

Bent Birch has been a part of Madden Real Estate for about three years and is headed by Denzle Higgins, who’s worked in property management for about 10 years and has extensive experience dealing with tenants and owners. 

Roughly 55 properties are managed by this company—52 of which are currently rented. As you can see, they’re low on available rentals, but they’re still getting daily calls inquiring about new properties. Since there isn’t enough supply to meet this kind of demand, we’d like to reach out to all the property owners out there and offer their services if they’re thinking of renting out their homes. 

If you’re not sure whether to sell or rent your property or which will happen first, we can put it up for rent and list it for sale simultaneously.

One of the main benefits of working with Bent Birch is that they have a great relationship with Madden Real Estate. They have their own office inside our building, and this close proximity allows us to cultivate relationships with their renters who’ll hopefully someday be buyers. The same goes for their property owners, who’ll someday either sell or buy more property. 

Additionally, there are many options for potential sellers or rental owners because they can handle both transactions at once. If you’re not sure whether to sell or rent your property or which will happen first, they can put it up for rent and list it for sale simultaneously. This will double the property’s exposure, give you an idea of which transaction will happen first, and indicate which market is best. Also, if you’re not ready to sell but are leaving town, they can rent your property in the meantime and then have you meet with one of our listing partners afterward to see whether the time to sell has arrived. 

If you’d like to get in touch with Denzle, you can email him at bentbirchpm@gmail.com, check out their website bentbirchpm.com, or call (907) 452-3000.


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