Make Sure to Do These 6 Home Maintenance Tasks This Winter

Will your home be able to withstand the freezing cold of winter? Learn about six home maintenance tasks that will help your house stay safe this season.

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Winter is here, which means it’s time to prepare your home for whatever the season may throw at you! Here are six home maintenance tasks that will ensure your home stays protected this winter:

1. Protect your pipes. When temperatures go below freezing, unprotected pipes can burst. In southern areas, pipes are less likely to be insulated from the cold. Make sure those pipes are sufficiently protected!

2. Give your oven some lovin’. Ovens that are improperly sealed can cause heat loss. This leads to lost energy and longer cooking times. 

3. Check your insulation. You can improve your home’s efficiency by checking your attic’s insulation. If you get it insulated properly, you could save up to $600 each year in heating costs.

4. Find and prevent potential fire hazards. Trees are incredibly flammable, so make sure that you remove any fire risks in your home. Monitor lit candles, sweep up your chimneys, throw out old space heaters, and get rid of faulty Christmas lights.

If you get your attic insulated properly, you could save up to $600 each year in heating costs.

5. Prevent ice damming. Ice can form at the edge of your roof, causing leaks and damage to your home. Make sure water is able to enter the gutters and flow away from your house.

6. Get secure. Burglaries occur often during the holiday months, so be especially vigilant during the winter. You could invest in a home security system or at least let neighbors know when you’ll be out of town.

If you have any questions or would like more information, feel free to reach out to me. Until then, have a very merry Christmas!


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