5 Holiday Splurges to Avoid

Here are my five major splurges you should avoid if you’re selling your home around the holidays.

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I want to give all you future sellers out there some tips for selling during the holiday season:

1. Don’t use decorations that could damage your home. Present your holiday spirit, but avoid holes in the walls, marks on the floor, and screws that mar the side of the house. If you have a live Christmas tree, be careful not to let any spilled water sit on hardwood or laminate floors. Water can warp and stain floors and it takes tons of money to be repaired. Also, don’t paint any walls vivid colors. Save the winter wonderland mural for next year. 

2. Don’t clutter your home with gifts. Don’t buy a ton of large gifts that will have to be hidden until after the new year. You don’t want your closets to appear to be bursting at the seams; it gives the impression that there’s not enough storage. Consider abstaining from the bulky gifts this year. Remember, you’re going to have to move all those items after you sell the home. You’ll thank yourself later. 

3. Don’t buy appliances or furniture unfit for your home. Don’t buy something that specifically fits your current home’s layout. For example, that elegant new couch may not fit correctly in your new home. Also, appliances often stay with the home.

Save the winter wonderland mural for next year.

4. Don’t take on much holiday debt. This is not the year to live out your “new car with a giant bow” fantasy. Taking on debt can harm your chances of getting approved for a mortgage when you buy your next home. A lender will take note, and it could work against you. If you’re in doubt, give us a call and we’ll let you know if it’s a splurge or if you can go ahead. 

5. Don’t get a new pet. The holidays are a common time for families to get a new pet. However, selling your home is not the right time to be house-training a puppy, for example. Showing a house with a pet is challenging enough, even when it’s not new. It makes much more sense to wait until after you move to get a dog, cat, capybara, and so on (...especially the capybara).

If you have any questions about holiday splurges or any other real estate topic, give us a call or send us an email. We would be glad to speak to you.

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