Is the U.S. Air Force Going to Change Our Housing Market?

The U.S. Air Force is bringing the F-35 to the Fairbanks area and it may affect our housing market.

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Is waiting to buy a new home costing you money? In today’s market in the Fairbanks area, it could be. We have several reasons why it could cost you money which I am here to share with you.

1. Home appreciation. With the F-35 coming to Eielson in 2020, housing prices may increase or may stay stable. If you wait, you may end up buying in a higher price range. However, if you were to buy now, you can take advantage of the home appreciation during the next few years. If the market appreciation grows to 3% to 5% per year, that means equity in your pocket.

2. Interest rates. The Fed has said that they are thinking about incremental increases for interest rates. This will cost you money because it increases the price you'd pay to borrow money to purchase your home. A 1% increase would essentially cost you 10% on your home. 

3. Strong market. The current market is strong, and we have very low inventory. Buyers are competing, but that is because buyers across the board know that now is the time to go out and buy a home. Rates are still good, and because of Eielson Air Force Base expanding during the testing of the F-35 here, there could be fluctuations which we are unable to predict.

It is almost always better to buy than it is to rent. So, put that money back into your pocket and buy a home today.

Buyers are competing, but that is because buyers across the board know that now is the time to go out and buy a home.

If you have any questions about this current market or are interested in buying before the potential market changes, please feel free to contact me. I would be happy to help in any way that I can.


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