5 Ways You Can Invest in Real Estate

If you’re curious about becoming a real estate investor, here are five ways that you can get started.

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Today we’re going to be talking about five ways you can invest in real estate.
  1. Buy and rent. This is probably the most traditional way to invest in real estate, and it simply involves buying a property and renting it out. Now is a good time to do this because rental rates are on the rise. They’re up 8% from last year, which is pretty good if you’re looking to invest this way.
  2. Buy and sell. This is typically called “flipping.” Home flipping offered a record-breaking 49% return in 2016. Mind you, this is a national figure and won’t necessarily be the case in any particular local market. Contact your real estate professional to determine the climate of your particular market.
  3. Real estate investment groups. These are organizations that buy a set of properties and sell them to individual investors. The main benefit of this approach is that you typically do not need to act as a landlord because the investment group handles property management for you.
  4. Crowdfunding sites. There has been an explosion of these sites in recent times. They allow people to invest in various real estate development projects. You can be a part of a large-scale property by only investing a moderate amount of money. On the other hand, crowdfunding sites act as a middle-man and charge fees which will eat into your profits a little bit.
  5. REIT (real estate investment trust). REITs are like mutual funds for real estate. They typically pay high dividends; however, they do not offer all of the typical benefits of investing in real estate such as increased leverage and tax benefits.
Each of these investment approaches offers a trade-off between possible profits and costs. The one constant is that you can maximize your risks with due diligence and by consulting with an experienced real estate professional.

Each of these investment approaches offers a trade-off between possible profits and costs.

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