What Are 6 Things Buyers Hate to See in a Home?

There are certain features of a home that turn buyers off more than others. We are here to tell you what those features are.

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When selling, you want your home to look as good as possible for potential buyers. In order to do that, you need to know what potential buyers don’t want to see. We have compiled a list of some of the least desirable home features out there so you can avoid turning buyers off. Here’s what you should avoid:

1. Outdated countertops. Update your countertops with laminate, granite, quartz, or Corian/HI-MACS if you can afford it. Check with your agent first, though, because this update might not be smart based on your situation.

2. Brightly colored walls. Pink, purple, or blue walls might work for your style or furniture, but they might not work for a potential home buyer who wants to envision themself living in the home. Paint with neutral colors to make your home a blank canvas with potential buyers, but avoid white, as it is actually a sterile color and does not convey a warm environment.

3. Carpet in the bathrooms. Replace it with tile or laminate and walk away.

Carpet in the bathroom is a huge mistake.

4. Outdated kitchen appliances. Buyers pay special attention to kitchens. If you have outdated or mismatched appliances, they will be turned off. Replace your appliances by watching for package sales. The investment could be well worth it depending on your situation.

5. Lack of light. Buyers don't want to walk through a cave. Open up your windows, pull your curtains back, and let that natural light in to make the home inviting and bright. LED or incandescent lights are easily installed and will come on bright with no warm up time.

6. Outdated lighting and fixtures. This is a really easy update to make. You can update your lighting fixtures and door hardware for less than $1,000 and it will change the entire look of your home. Try brushed nickel or oil-rubbed bronze instead of brass. If it’s made of fake brass or wood, it’s likely dated.

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