How Did I Become a Real Estate Agent?

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People always ask me why I started selling real estate, and I've had a pretty interesting journey to get where I am. I thought I'd share this story with everyone today.

Before I was a Realtor, I flew Blackhawk helicopters in the army for six years. I really loved that job, I got to rescue people in Alaska, and then I got to participate in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. After that I got a medical retirement and was left to figure out what I wanted to do with myself.

Real estate became a logical choice because I wanted to run my own business and I'd also heard that the service in Fairbanks wasn't that great. Some of my military friends didn't have the best experiences, and so I thought I could do it a little better than everyone else.

I eventually got certified as a real estate agent and I learned that  most of the brokerages didn't have a whole lot of teamwork and they weren't using any systems to serve the client.

I took these lessons I learned in the military and implemented them within my business in order to serve the Fairbanks area at a higher level. I have proven, repeatable systems that have allowed me to track my business in a predictable way and provide amazing service to our clients.

So, if you need help buying or selling in Fairbanks, please don't hesitate to contact me!

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